28 Aug 2016

intermediate result

Since my first post about losing weight, it’s time for an intermediate result. When I started in february, I had in total 130,7kg. Let’s see how it turned out.. Before we come to the result, I had
24 Apr 2016

Weekly report #6 interesting impact

I had a lot of appointments lately which included dinners and caused I couldn’t go 3 times a week to the gym. You should think that I heavily gained size again but it turned out that it
10 Apr 2016

weekly report #5 sudden improvement

Since I signed up in a gym, I had a sudden improvement. Going there 3 times a week helps me a lot to lose weight and I can tell that I feel a way much better ..
26 Mar 2016

Weekly report #4 taking professional support

It has been 2 weeks since the last weekly report for a good reason. During a workout I actually hurt myself what caused, that I couldn’t continue with my workouts. How did that happen? Well, I was
11 Mar 2016

Making money by cutting costs

Making money by cutting costs might be a bit misleading because you don’t actually make money, rather you free resources and there is more money available. I’ve been reading many articles about this topic but there was
6 Mar 2016

Swift tutorial #2 Variables

Welcome back to my Swift tutorial! In the first part we had a look on how to open a Swift playground. In this part, we have a look at variables. WTF are variables? In programming languages variables
2 Mar 2016

Swift tutorial #1 Getting started with swift

I have been using python quite a lot in the past, because I enjoyed a (more or less) platform independent programming language. However it has been just a neat way to solve the daily issues, especially parsing
29 Feb 2016

Weekly report #3 Too much stress

Welcome to the third weekly report! This time it’s a bit delayed than usually because I simply had too much stress and this week passed rapidly for me. I finally had my colloquium for my B.A. and
20 Feb 2016

Weekly report #2 More weight lost

The second week is over and it’s time for a new weekly report. I am satisfied with the result but I even had bad moments during this week. Workouts and exercices In the second week I only
16 Feb 2016

Why water is really important for you

When it comes to drinks, we can all agree that so called soft drinks (cola etc.) are not healthy at all. Besides all the chemicals it is even the sugar which makes you gain size. So water